Impossible Coin With Betmen

They'll cover big games, indie games, mobile stuff, good games and bad games. While they're at it they'll also spend time trying to figure out where games fit in our rapidly changing world. Also cheap jokes.

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Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

Stomp Mommy gonna have to step higher. VIDEO GAMES!!!

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

They made more Overwatch. It's going well.

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

New episode! I'm very tired!

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

Rocky and Tegan like video games! Brian feels differently!

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Here is another episode of our fantastic podcast about video games with Rocky and Tegan. Brian is not present because Brian was recalled in 47 states for being a potential safety hazard.  

Wednesday Aug 10, 2022

All the best Minecraft news! For real.

Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Please enjoy our extended discussion of what makes a person hot, what hotness is and the New York Times. This is a podcast about video games.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

I wasn't there and so I don't know for sure but I believe the title legit refers to spinach. Maybe Popeye adjacent.

Thursday Jun 02, 2022

In five years we have never had an untitled episode but we are here now. We're untitled in an effort to make our podcast more attractive for acquisition by a major multinational media corporation.

Wednesday May 18, 2022

On this podcast about video games we will explain to you that one of the stars of Glee cannot read. 


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